F827: Triceratops Set

Key data

Category: F - Big/Special Toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 53

Number of unique pieces: 23


27 pieces (including box, lid and contents card)

1 grey volcano (with red lava, 2 green plants with missing flowers, green garden with 3 plants attached)

1 yellow and brown triceratops (missing)

1 small brown triceratops

1 dinosaur skeleton (missing)

4 grey volcano tops

2 plaeontologists (with hats)(MISSING)

1 clear case with sliding door

1 mini white case

1 mini syringe (missing)

1 mini scissors (missing)

1 mini knife

1 mini tweezers

1 tripod

1 camera

1 mini map

1 mini navigator

1 mini walkie-talkie

1 mini gun (missing)

1 mini lizard

1 box with photos

1 1x lid with photo

1 plastic box for small parts


Public comments: nil

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