F749: Side by Side Kitchen

Key data

Category: F - Big/Special Toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 34

Number of unique pieces: 23


1 Little Tikes Side by Side Kitchen

1 Kitchen Unit w’ tap (missing), sink, 2 doors and window stickers

1 bag with 29 pieces inside

2 burger buns

1 burger pattie

1 pink slice of meat

1 yellow slice of cheese

4 pieces of breads

1 slice of tomato (2 pieces joined)

1 lettuce leaf

4 pizza pieces

1 yellow spatula

1 red and silver spatula

1 silver jug

1 grey frypan

2 grey plates

2 beige cups

2 yellow spoons

2 yellow knives

1 silver cordless phone

1 blow torch with screw cap

1 Blow torch not part of original set.

1 Missing striped tea towel, pizza cutter and silver knife from original set


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