F725: My First Home Dolls House

Key data

Category: F - Big/Special Toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 52

Number of unique pieces: 24


1 My First Home Dolls House

25 pieces

1 Sponsored by Shellabears

1 Wooden House Unit w’ Balcony, Shower, sink unit

1 blue Shower base

1 wooden bathroom sink (faucet broken)

1 blue Toilet

2 People

1 Bed w’ Red Mattress&

2 Pillows

1 pink striped bed cover

1 Wardrobe-Dressing Table Unit

1 Pink Dressing Table Stool

1 orange Kitchen Sink Unit

1 orange Fridge (split has been glued and broken)

1 Kitchen Table

2 Orange Chairs

2 Yellow Funky Armchairs

1 Green Coffee Table

1 Standard Lamp

1 TV

1 1x TV stand

1 1x DVD player

1 1x Bag and Contents Card


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