F721: Duplo Dolls House

Key data

Category: F - Big/Special Toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 132

Number of unique pieces: 44


1 Lego Duplo: Doll’s House Set

62 pieces

3 large yellow bases

1 small yellow base

1 flat yellow base block

3 light pink hinged walls with 2 panels and 2 white windows eaches

2 hinged pink walls with door (1x door missing)

2 terrace roof pieces with white doors and 2 light pink side panels eaches

4 white picket fences

1 small green brick

2 large green bricks

1 small blue brick stuck to clear blue block with fish tank picture

1 pink large brick with hot plate

1 pink large brick with sink

6 light pink blocks

2 small light pink bricks

2 small white bricks (missing)

1 thin white block

1 thin pink block with pink bow picture

2 thin dark pink clear blocks

1 thin red block with milk picture

1 thin grey block with cat picture

4 light blue chairs

1 pink lounge

1 white table

1 white toilet with pink seat

1 bathroom sink with mirrow

1 cake

1 grey pot

1 pink bowl

1 pink cot with blue strip pillow and doona

2 blue beds with pink strip pillow and doonas

1 pink block with white draws

2 green flowers

1 yellow flowers

2 pink flowers

1 green vine

1 cat

4 people (1 green man missing)

1 shower rose

1 vacuum cleaner

1 black and blue car

1 laminated card with picture of all pieces

1 plastic box


Public comments: nil

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