F630: Touch and Feel Farm

Key data

Category: F - Big/Special Toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 83

Number of unique pieces: 19


1 Fisher Price Touch and Feel Farm

41 pieces

1 Red Farm w’ Silo

1 Chook Pen

5 Brown Chook Fences

4 White Fences

1 White Fence Entrance

1 Chook Egg Nest Box

1 Corn Cob Plant

1 Pumpkin (missing)

1 Orange Veggie Box

1 yellow veggie box

1 box containing oranges(missing)

1 Corn Box w’ white shoe

1 Tractor w’ Trailer

14 Animals (see contents card ) chicken missings

5 Little People (see contents card)

1 box with lid

1 contents card


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