E1022: Magnetic Fishing set

Key data

Category: E - General

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 5 Years +

Number of pieces: 89

Number of unique pieces: 19


42 pieces

4 fishing rods with magnets (red, yellow, green, blue)(blue missing)

4 red fish

6 blue fish

5 yellow fish

4 green fish

4 blue boots

3 red boots

4 green boots

4 green treasure chests

1 box and lid

1 contents card

1 Not for children under three - small parts and magnets. Magnets can be dangerous. If swallowed seek medical advice.

1 small fish = 2 points

1 big fish = 4 points

1 boot = 0 points

1 treasure chest = 10 points

1 person with the most points at the end is the winner.

1 Promotes maths skills and social skills ie turn taking, dealing with disappointments and keeping the rules.


Public comments: When played alone promotes fine motor skills and role play. Can be played as a game for up to four people. Each person takes a turn to fish and earn points:

Alerts and warnings