E713: Lil` People Noah`s Ark Set

Key data

Category: E - General

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 36

Number of unique pieces: 9


1 Little People Noah’s Ark

28 pieces

1 1x brown ark base

1 1x green ark lid with hut

1 1x rainbow flag

1 2x crates (red & green)

1 2x figures (noah & mrs)

1 1x box w- lid & photo

1 door is loose from ark


Public comments: 20x animals (2x panda, giraffe, kangaroo, zebra (one of zebras missing), leopard, toucan, hippo (one of two hippos missing) tortoise, lion and lioness with 2 cubs with purple butterflies in hair)

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