B1004: Gathering a Garden

Key data

Category: B - Games

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 5 Years +

Number of pieces: 58

Number of unique pieces: 13


1 Gathering a Garden

28 pieces

1 Game Board

1 spinner

4 tree cards: Plum; apple; pear; cherries

4 flower cards: tulips; poppies; sunflowers; daisies

4 herb cards: Parsley; basil; sage; mint;s

4 bird cards: robin; sparrow; hummingbird; bluebirds

4 vegetables: tomatoes; peas; lettuce; carrots;s

4 figures with different coloured watering can: red; blue; yellow; purples

1 calico bag for small cards.

1 box & lid, with instructions

1 contents card


Public comments: The game encourages mathematics skills: sorting objects into sets, recognising numerals and counting out also promotes social skills such as taking turns and cooperating.

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